Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering

Summer School 2008: Accelerators for Science and Engineering Applications: GPUs and Multicores

Aug. 18-22, 2008

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
1205 W. Clark St.
Urbana, Illinois

Prerequisite: C, C++, Java, or equivalent programming knowledge

Instructors: Wen-mei Hwu, Sanders-AMD Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and David B. Kirk, chief scientist, NVIDIA Corporation

Teaching assistants: John Stratton,, and Xiao-Long Wu,

This Virtual School summer school will provide students with knowledge and hands-on experience in developing applications software for processors with massively parallel computing resources (graphics processing units and multicore processors).

By end of the summer school participants will:

Students will have access to a 16-node cluster at NCSA. Temporary accounts have been generated for all on-site attendees and for remote participants who requested access by July 28. On-site attendees will receive their account information on Aug. 18; account information will be emailed to eligible remote participants the week before the summer school. All accounts will be activated Monday, Aug. 18 and will expire at the conclusion of the summer school.

Please note: Registration for the summer school is CLOSED. The summer school is at capacity and no more attendees can be accommodated. For those unable to participate on-site, streaming video of summer school sessions (excluding hands-on lab time) will be available at The stream will be activated 10 minutes before each presentation. Windows Media Player is required to view the stream; go to if you need to download Windows Media Player.

In addition, the University of Illinois at Chicago is hosting a live high-definition feed at its Electronic Visualization Laboratory. Video of some presentations also will be archived on this website, along with summer school presentation materials and problem sets. Please go to the Agenda page to access archived materials.